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Ibiza Outdoor Armchair

Ibiza Outdoor Armchair

SKU: I001

Frameless  Ibiza armchair-longue Transformer has a great advantage in its functionality, which makes it just perfect for outdoor usage. Thanks to the ergonomics of the design, a folding chair of compact dimensions easily turns into a comfortable and soft beach chaise longue on which you can lie down full-length and, for example, sunbathe.


The price is valid for the goods that are in stock, as well as for the order.


Colour: white, beige, brown

Outdoor Fabric: Technostar FR

High-Quality Textiles


Fire retardant

UV protected

Composition: 80% PVC, 18% PES, 2 CO

Weight: 650 gr/ml


100% Vegan
Made in Spain


Dimensions of chair:

Width: 75 cm

Depth: 75 cm

Height: 85 cm


Dimensions of lounge:

Width: 75 cm

Depth: 152 cm

Height: 65 cm


*Pouf will eventually require additional fillng.

  • Availability in Showroom:

    In stock: 1 pc - white colour. 


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