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Padda Dining Table

Padda Dining Table

Whatever finishes you choose for your PADDA, it is impossible for this table to go unnoticed; and with its unique design and features, it is sure to be the center of attention in any room. Combine Metal, Wood and Microcement, and have fun customizing it.




Width: 220 cm

Depth: 90 cm

Height: 74 cm



Wood Cat C

Microcement top



Made in Portugal

The factory may delivers  large size goods in wooden packages - additional charge ~ 250-300€. Depends on order quantity.  Please check with the manager.



More models and specification are here.

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    HMD FURNITURE is a proud family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience. They constantly research for the best materials and solutions in design and functionality. They offering unique and original interior concepts.

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