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Sofa Seat 105x105 Linen

Sofa Seat 105x105 Linen

Price upon Request


Vetsak Sofa, the comfort change-maker. Sofa Modules allow you to create a unique piece of furniture, that reflects your own personality and lifestyle. Mix & match fabrics and sizes, and click-in additional Modules and Sides to create your signature Sofa.


As a new addition to the vetsak family our Laid-back Linen and its vintage charm, is easy going in more ways than one. Multifunctional as an indoor and Outdoor fabric means you can enjoy your Linen comfort anytime, anywhere. Our Linen vetsak Covers are weather & lifestyle proof and machine washable and changeable. Linen is available in a variety of colours that easily match your unique style.


Color: Linen Platinum

Incredibly Comfortable One-of-a-Kind Modular Sofa

Indoor & Outdoor friendly, Durable & Long-Lasting, High-Quality Linen Textiles

Waterproof, UV Resistant

Machine Washable, Changeable Covers

Handmade, Ethically Produced & 100% Vegan

Delivery time: 10-13 weeks

Made in the EU



Width: 105 cm

Lenght: 105 cm

Height: 37 cm 


Machine Washable at 30° Degrees

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